Vilcabamba – Espiritu Pampa 8D/7N

Vilcabamba 8 Days

The last refuge of the Inkas

Vilcabamba means Sacred Valley.The name comes from an Inka dialect called Quechua. It is composed of two words: Huilco, meaning “sacred” or “god” and Bamba meaning “valley”; hence,”valley of god” or “Sacred Valley”.This trek to the last stronghold of the Incas, at the end of “a road going nowhere” is a unique experience.

PROGRAM Vilcabamba – Espiritu Pampa
LENGTH 8 Days /7 Nights
AVAILABILITY March to December

Day 1: Cusco / Chaullay / Wankakalli

We will pick you up from your hotel and travel to Wankakalli by private bus, passing through Ollantaytambo and the Malaga mountain pass (4,200 meters/13,780 feet above sea level) and then entering the Huyro and Maranura valleys. After passing through Chaullay, we will arrive at Wankakalli in the afternoon and make camp for the night.

Meals provided: Lunch And dinner .
Estimated bus time: 7 hours

Day 2: Wankakalli / vitcus / Ñusta hisp´anan / Qollpaq’asa

We will begin our journey, trekking to the archaeological center of Rosaspata / Vitcos. From Wankakalli, we will have an excellent view of the snow-covered peaks of Pumasillo, and as we trek around the perimeter of Wankakalli, we will visit the Ñusta Hisp’anan stone. In both places we will enjoy an awesome panoramic view of the countryside. Later, we will move on to the Qollpaq’asa campsite.

Meals provided: Breakfast ,lunch And dinner .
Estimated walking time: 6- 7 hours

Day 3: Qollpaq’asa / Ututo

We’ll head over to the area of Maukachaka continuing the route and passing by Pampaconas, descending to we reach the Ututo where we’ll set camp,here we’ll hace the oportunity of fishing

Meals provided: Breakfast ,lunch And dinner .
Estimated walking time: 6 hours

Day 4: Ututo / Vista alegre

We will have a downhill hike on Day 4, and after only an hour we will begin to see the changes as the climate turns warmer and we move into Peru’s cloud forest. Here, we can enjoy the Pampaconas River as we eat lunch on the riverbank. After a brief rest, we will continue hiking until we arrive at Vista Alegre (“Happy View”) where we will make camp.

Meals provided: Breakfast ,lunch And dinner .
Estimated walking time: 7 hours

Day 5: Vista alegre / Concevidayoc

After breakfast we will hike into the Vilcabamba Valley, where will enjoy the increasingly tropical weather. We will arrive at Q’asa Cross, a favorite place of adventure and nature lovers, where we will see the region’s abundance of flora and fauna – for example the Rupicola Peruviana (####-of-the-Rock). We will hike onward to Tunkimayu and then Concebidayoc, where we will make camp for the night.

Meals provided: Breakfast ,lunch And dinner .
Estimated walking time: 6 -7 hours

Day 6: Concebidayoc / Espiritu pampa / Chontabamba

We will hike to the east, toward the Pampaconas River and on to Espiritu Pampa. The topography is amazing here, and it is the perfect vantage point to see how the plateau is formed between the Pampaconas River, Chomtabamba, and the base of the mountain. Here, we will visit the Espiritu Pampa archaeological group, including a number of Incan agricultural terraces, as well as the famous Rumichaca Bridge – an ancient stone bridge. After a guided visit, we will continue to the Chotabamba campsite.

Meals provided: Breakfast ,lunch And dinner .
Estimated walking time: 7 hours

Day 7: Chontabamba / Chiwankiri

From here we continue trekking, the climate is tropic and very humid, in the valley of Espiritu pampa here we can appreciate the fauna and flora, and then we arrive to Chiwankiri, place of our seventh camp site.

Meals provided: Breakfast ,lunch And dinner .
Estimated walking time: 5-6 hours

Day 8: Chiwankiri / Kiteni / Cusco

Our journey on the last day of the trek is by private bus through the city of Kiteni, back through the Malaga Valley, and passing through Amparaes and Calca. Finally we will arrive in Cusco around 10:00 p.m.

Meals provided: Breakfast ,lunch .
Estimated bus time: 8-10 hours
* the places where we’ll set up our camp sites can change depending on the guide.


The time of hiking will depend on the group. The guide can change the places for having lunch and camping according to the physical condition of the group.
Each guide has his own way of leading his groups but always his decisions will be for the benefit of the tourists.
If you would like an extra night in Aguas Calientes please let us know at the time of your reservation so that we do not have problems with your return train tickets.

ESPIRITU PAMPA. This is an adventure tour that we must enjoy, to the maximum with good weather or, if not, always we must have an open mind, a positive attitude and a good sense of humor.


  • An explanation two days before departing
  • Tranport in private bus to the start of the trek
  • Transfer to your hotel on return.
  • Meals according to the program (Vegetarian available)
  • Boiled water on all days for your bottles
  • Snacks before trekking
  • Camping tents for 2 and 4 persons depending on the requirements
  • Camping equipment, dining tents, kitchen, tables, chairs
  • Cook and assistent cook
  • Kitchen/eating utensils
  • Pack animals (mules and horses) to carry the baggage and equipment
  • Emergency horse
  • Wranglers to care for the pack animals
  • Professional guide who speaks English, Spanish and Quechua
  • Assistant guide for groups larger than 8 people
  • Entrance tickets to Choquequirao
  • Last night celebration dinner in Aguas Calientes in a restaurant
  • Entrance into Machu Picchu
  • Bus up to and back down from Machupicchu
  • Return train ticket to Cusco
  • Hotel in Aguas Calientes with private bathroom and hot water
  • First aid equipment and oxygen tank


  • Breakfast the first day
  • Dinner the last day
  • Tips for personnel: guide, cook, wranglers (according to their job)
  • Sleeping bags (they can be rented in the office)
  • If you would like to rent an additional horse, the cost is $10 per day


  • 1 small nylon reinforced backpack to carry the things you need for the trek (camera, drinks, etc.)
  • 1 large backpack or suitcase to keep the things you don‘t need in your hotel in Cusco until you return from your trek
  • Sleeping bag good for -5°C (which can be rented in Cusco)
  • Small flashlight and extra batteries
  • 1 water bottle (1 liter) or a small plastic throw away bottle
  • Hiking boots
  • Tennis shoes
  • 1 jacket (of nylon with hood and water and wind resistant)
  • 1 Fleece Jacket
  • 1 pair of gloves and hat of wool (they can be bought during your trip)
  • 3 or 4 short sleeved shirts (preferably “dryfit” that don’t retain water)
  • 2 pairs of shorts such as bermudas.
  • Socks: 4 pairs of wool and 4 of fiber (coolmax) for the trek (avoid cotton as these can retain water)
  • 1 sun hat and sunglasses
  • Personal medications and toiletries in small containers
  • Sunscreen for your skin and lips
  • Insect repellent
  • Moisturizer lotion to avoid the drying out of the skin
  • Bathing suit for the thermal baths in Aguas Calientes


  • Heated sleeping mat
  • Sleeping bags which can be rented in the office for $5 per day and good for – 10°C.
  • Professional walking sticks can be rented in the office for $2 per day
  • Energy foods: chocolates, granola bars, dried fruits, etc. (they can be purchased in Cusco.


Number of People 2 3 4 5 6 or more
Price per person in $ $ 930 $ 740 $ 630 $ 450 Contact Us

If you wish to travel alone, you need to ask for a private tour, letting us know which date you wish to leave, and you must make your reservation a week ahead of time so that we can organize your tour.
If you wish to go with other people, we can let you know what dates are available and you can join an existing group.
Write to us to make your reservation and we will send you the form and the payment conditions

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