We're not just hikers. We're the Mountain Spirit!

Welcome to Saqra's Trek & Auqui Perú.

SAQRA'S TREK, is an adventure travel agency, in the City of Cusco Peru. Founded with the sole purpose of providing the best services in adventure tourism, all ourAuqui Peru is a 100% local travel agency, where I Wilfredo Tunquipa Villena, (Big Willy), It's my nickname, which a tourist put me over 12 years ago, seeing my height and it was not normal for an indigenous person like me , and Saqra another nickname given to me by my friends from the Andes, who saw me dance for many years this dance called Saqra, in the highest mountains of the city of Cusco.
This is part of my history, I have more than 20 years as a tour guide, I have probably been more than 1000 times in the Inca city of Machupicchu, I worked for many travel agencies before, as from a few years ago seeing my ability to power organize and put all my experience in providing a great service, is how I start with my company SAQRA'S TREK - AUQUI PERU.
SAQRA'S TREK - AUQUI PERU, was created with the sole purpose of providing one of the best services in the tourist in Cusco, making our customers the best team of people, able to provide their best knowledge, ability, and experience, so that our clients feel satisfied with our service, also traveling with SAQRAS TREK - AUQUI PERU, our clients will help us improve the way of life of our team. part of our team cooks porters and Arrieros come from the high Andean areas where the state has forgotten, these people from the communities of Chaullacocha and Chupañi, now prepared work with us to provide a quality service.
Come and have an unforgettable experience, which you will never forget.

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