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Social Project

AUQUI PERU MOUNTAIN SPIRIT, It is a tourism company with office in Cusco Peru. With the primary purpose in the global and individual development of the different communities located in the Peruvian Andes, these population who are descendents of ancient Peruvian citizens, the Inkas. These descendents have been forgotten for the governments thru the years, in the meaning subjects in life such as education, feeding, health, and other basic things. We as a company are trying to give them the opportunity they can develop themselves as person and population.

Within our ongoing projects, we have planned the Project of the revaluation of their culture, teaching them about the richness and importance of their ancestors culture. For that reason since two years ago (2010-2011) we have completed with two important Projects for the company, one of them was “I WAS IN MACHU PICCHU”. This project is about taking the poorest women and children of the communities Chaullacocha and Chupani. Which are located over 4000 metres above sea level, with the purpose of they can know and learn about their ancestors, and in that form they can feel that are descendant of a magnificent culture. These projects were made with the resources of the company AUQUI PERU MOUNTAIN SPIRIT and also with the support of some friends who wanted to take part of this project.

Project 2012

we are not a big company, but years of experience working as an adventure tourist guide, have tough me to share with these people forgotten for the goverment(Big Willy Saqra), and for that reason now as a company we want to continue with the projects that we have been doing thru the last two years, taking to the poorest women and children of the Andeans communities to Machu Picchu, giving them all the facilities of the case such as round trip transportation from their communities to Machupicchu, train and bus round trip, full meals, guide service in their own language (Quechua the Incas language) with the purpose they can know and value their culture and at the same time it is like a Christmas gift, because we do the project on December. Also we have been planning to give breakfast to the children of the school, because in most of these communities, children do not have the resources to have a breakfast because in this place they just are fed with potato for full meals, for weather conditions with 4000 meters above sea level it is the only plant which grows.

Education for us is very important, and only with the support of our clients, we could help more ….”HELP ME TO HELP”.

With the 5% of our sold services goes to a common fund, and with this, we can continue helping the these communities in their personal and population development .


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