Inca Trail 2014

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Auqui Peru.


Visit the district of Carmen Ica Peru

The district of El Carmen is located in the province of Chincha, which integrates the Ica region. This district was created as such on August 28, 1916, with a total area of ​​799.90 km2 where different villages
A historical and population level, the district of El Carmen is valuable for the people of African descent having in its territory. The story of Carmen, lets us know that the space that this district are, was home to the newly arrived slaves from Africa, and their descendants during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
El Carmen is a district full of great color and joy. The descendants of early African descent who arrived in the territory were ordered to spread their culture and customs that, over the years, was syncretized with the customs then in force in the area. The mixture of cultures gave birth to countless dances and rhythms that, even today, are practiced in this district, among those: the landau, the celebration, counterpoint, among many others
Visit El Carmen is a great experience that will allow the traveler to know the customs inherited from the first Afro-Peruvians in Peru, not in vain this district is one of the most important black communities in Chincha and in the country, where each of the inhabitants are proud of their origins and traditions, which are submitted themselves freely in their main square, where we see children and young people dancing to Afro-Peruvian music.
The syncretism and Afro-Peruvian heritage of El Carmen also present in meals and incredible flavor of its people. You can not miss if you visit the district, to enjoy its exquisite traditional dishes, such as: the carapulcra Chincha, besides the inevitable Sopa Seca Tamale and Chincha.